The long wait is over: VideoGrade 5 has just been released in the App Store. It is a free update for all the existing users. This is a major upgrade with many new features and improvements. Some of the highlights are:

- Updated for iOS 10: It takes advantage of many of the latest and greatest iOS features.
- Added Levels adjustment filter.
- Added Hue adjustment filter.
- Added Noise Reduction filter.
- Added options for rotating videos or photos.
- Added support for Live Photos.
- Added support for all the screen sizes and orientations.
- Added support for multitasking on the iPad.
- Added support for 3D Touch Quick Launch actions.
- Added a Photos Extension: You can now run VideoGrade directly from the Photos app.
- Improved workflow and UI.
- Improved Vignette filter.
- Improved Saturation filter.
- Improved Brightness filter.
- Improved integration with your Photos Library.
- Stability and performance improvements.

Thank you very much for using VideoGrade. New features are still in development and they will be included soon, so don’t hesitate to send your feedback, suggestions and requests to .