This page is a work in progress. At the moment not all the VideoGrade features are described here. If you have any questions, please check the FAQs page or send me an email to


As VideoGrade works with your videos and photos, it needs to have access to your Photo Library. The first time you launch the app, it will ask you for authorization. If the authorization is not provided, VideoGrade will not be able to open or edit any your videos or photos.

After the initial launch, you can always grant or revoke the Photo Library access by going to the Settings app on your device, scrolling down and selecting the "VideoGrade" entry. There, you can control if the app is able to access the Photo Library and also if it can use Mobile Data to download videos or photos from iCloud.

Quick Actions

On 3D Touch enabled devices, VideoGrade provides a couple of useful Quick Launch Actions: "Edit Last Video" and "Edit Last Photo":

To use them, force-press the app icon and select one of the options. VideoGrade will open directly onthe Editor screen with the most recent video or photo from your Photo Library loaded and ready to be edited.

Keep in mind that, if your most recent video or photo is not stored on the device, VideoGrade will need to download it first.

Selecting Videos and Images

To start working with VideoGrade you need to select first the video or photo you want to edit. When launched, VideoGrade will show a list of all the existing Albums on your Photo Library. The Smart Albums will be displayed first, followed by all the regular albums sorted by alphabetic order.

On the bottom of the screen, VideoGrade will show a simple selector that you can use to choose between searching for Videos or Images. Only the albums from your Photo Library containing items of the currently selected type will be displayed on the list.

For each album, the following information is displayed:

  • A small poster image showing the most recent item in that album.
  • The album name.
  • The number of items of the selected media type (video or image) contained in the album.

Tap on an album to browse its contents.